Der Bodensee als Handelsdrehscheibe über die Jahrhunderte

Der Bodensee als Handelsdrehscheibe über viele Jahrhunderte

Der Bodensee –  das größte Binnengewässer Europas – diente Handeltreibenden zu allen Zeiten  als Verkehrsweg und war dabei das verbindende Element der Handelsrouten von Norden nach Süden, über die Alpen und darüber hinweg.

Lake Constance as a trading hub for many centuries

Lake Constance – the largest inland water in Europe – has served traders as a transport route at all times and was the connecting element of the trade routes from north to south, across the Alps and beyond.

Textauszug: „[…] Trade and traffic are always closely related. They are mutually dependent.  Both land and waterways were available for trade. In view of the often very poor condition of the roads, wherever possible, even small rivers and bodies of water were used for the transport of goods and preferred overland. All the more so since waterways were easier and cheaper to maintain and were suitable for easier, faster and, above all, more convenient transportation of even heavy and so-called „bulk goods“.  […]